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Whilst I've been illustrating for over 25 years now I have recently decided upon a slight change of direction. A few months ago I signed up for some online courses to try to re-invigorate my creativity and have found it did the job. Thanks #makeitindesign Being in touch with other creatives, hearing from people in the surface pattern industry and completing speculative briefs has motivated me to branch out. I have spent most of my illustrative career designing greeting cards and stationery but before I embarked on my freelance illustrating I worked for several years in the baby wear industry. It has been brought to my attention that my style is suited to this area - hence a website dedicated to just that! I am hoping to add designs regularly so if this area of illustration is of interest to you, please keep nipping back to see what I've done. Obviously my designs are for sale and I am happy to chat to anyone about development, licensing & commissioning.

Here is something I 'doodled' this morning. Our glorious world needs a real big up at the moment as is, quite rightly, a hot topic.

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