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Renewed vigour

This is me. I'm about to be exhibiting at the Blueprint online show and have had to really think about my designs and social media this past couple of weeks. I've been rubbish at updating this website and blog...but am determined to do better. It's hard working by yourself and for yourself sometimes - especially when I have things to distract me like my year old grandson, Oliver and friends who like to walk/chat etc. In fact anything is liable to make me lose focus if I haven't got actual orders to fulfil or deadlines to meet (in which case I am properly reliable and on it!).

I'm part of an online community called Make it in Design Live Hub which keeps me up to date with trends and sets challenges so I always have something to aim for. This is how I like it.

I really hope to be much more engaged from now on. If anyone actually reads my blog please send me a message so I know I'm not talking to myself will you? Thanks ;)

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